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Legal Aid

Due to our commitment to social justice, Couper Geysen – Family and Animal law undertake work for eligible clients with the assistance of funding from Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ).

LAQ  will decide whether you are entitled to legal aid according to the following factors:

  • Whether you are financially eligible based on your current income and assets;
  • Whether the issues in your case fall within the types of cases that legal aid provides funding for;
  • Whether your case has a reasonable chance of success if it goes to court, as determined by LAQ.

We can help you work out whether you should apply for legal aid and can help you complete the application form.

In some circumstances Legal Aid Queensland will require money to be repaid at the end of your case, particularly where your case involves financial issues and you receive a property settlement. For information about making an application for aid see:


Generally in family law cases you will be required to attend a Family Law Conference to see if you can reach an agreement with the other side, before funding will be considered for a court application.

The conference will be chaired by a qualified lawyer or social scientist and is a form of mediation or structured negotiation process.

Our team of family law experts can help you prepare for the conference. If you reach agreement at the end of your conference, we can draft a Consent Order that sets out the details of your agreement that will be legally binding once filed in court.  Before attending, you should read the Legal Aid factsheet which sets out information about the process at: