This section of our website contains messages of appreciation that we have received from our present and past clients.

16 April 2017

For Tracy

Thank you again for your support, kindness, friendship, and loyalty, to help me get through this. At last I can smile again thanks to you… G

17 January 2017

Our very clever client drew this and had it framed for us. She too is a passionate advocate and supporter of animals and children. Aren’t we lucky to work for and with such inspiring talented people. We’ve told her when it’s hung in our boardroom to expect commissions! Thank you, CS.









19 December 2016

Hi Tracy,

You have been absolutely amazing!

I just love your passion Tracy. I am so glad I found you & seriously never expected that I would receive so much support from one phone call. Thank you again Tracy for being simply amazing.

30 September 2016

I came away from meeting with you in July feeling like I had met just the right person to deal with my situation when the time comes for me to move forward and that I would refer as many people as I could to you. J

20 November 2015

Michael, Tracy-Lynne & Tracey,

Thank you for your support and your work. It is really appreciated. This event was very stressful for myself and my family and now that we have the result I am just starting to fathom how much pressure it had me under. I lost many nights sleep. It was comforting to have a great team who fought for me and got the outcome that was predicted right from my first conversation with you Michael.

7 October 2015

 I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me Tracy, THANKU

14 September 2015

Thank you for all your help in my matter, you guys are definitely the best lawyers I know 🙂 Kind regards, M

28 August 2015

Dear M

Thank you so much for having Tracy-Lynne contact me. She has been a wonderful help already and it has been a great relief for me and K to be able to run our questions past someone so knowledgeable. D

14 August 2015

A very special word from Mark Townend the CEO of the RSPCA in Queensland on 10/8/2015

Hi Tracy-Lynne, Thanks for your kind words – I would have to reciprocate as we are so much further ahead in bringing awareness of animal welfare to the public because of the support and assistance of yourself and BLEATS.  Thanks again Tracy-Lynne.  Regards Mark

16 June 2015

 … It was my pleasure to assist. The successful outcome is unquestionably reflective of the excellent work done by RSCPA Officers and Couper Geysen preparing a great brief of evidence. Thank you for your instructions in this matter. Regards, David Purcell

12 June 2015

 From K to Tracy ….. thank you for standing by my side today it means the world to have you there.

3 June 2015

Thank you for your support and more importantly your friendship. I have so much trust and faith in you that I know ally and I will be ok no matter what happens. And to the other Tracey. Thank you for your chats today you really made a difference. I appreciate all that you have done for me. I wish you both nothing but happiness. Have a super week. From N

3 June 2015

Dear Tracy-Lynne

Just wished to add a thank you to Nicky for her assistance yesterday. Kind regards, Tom www.tomstodulka.com

Australian Society for Kangaroos write up in their Autumn Newsletter 2015

We would like to dearly thank everyone involved in this landmark legal challenge against the Queensland government, particularly Ruth Hatten (BAWP) who did absolutely everything in her powers to help us with this case and save the wallabies, including securing the pro bono legal assistance of renowned Barrister Stephen Keim and Barrister Paul Smith. She also secured us Tracey Jackson paralegal from Couper Geysen. Tracey is truly one of the most hard working, committed and caring lawyers we have ever known who truly has the interests of the animals in her heart at every step. These four people are truly legendary and we can never ever thank them enough for their dedication to this case and to justice in general. We feel truly honoured to have met and worked with them.

16 May 2015

 From “another happy client” to Tracy Geysen… 

But what I do know is that I trust you and your judgement over anything else.. We have come this far fighting the douche and his weasel  lawyer and so far you haven’t given me any bad advice.. So whatever you think is the right way to go you know I will agree with you as I know you have mine and XXXX’s best interest at heart.. You’re a great lawyer and I would like to add a great friend.. Have a great weekend and I will speak to you during next week..

14 May 2015 


On behalf of Liam, Cecile and myself I’d just like you to know how impressed we’ve been with the help that Carol and Lynn have given us. Sadly neither contract went through smoothly-in fact Liam had to pull out of his due to a bad builders report. Carol and Lynn have been terrific and nothing has seemed too much trouble. Many thanks to both of them. Liam is now on the lookout for another property and we’re just hoping ours settles at the end of the month.

 Michael Beatty Media and Community Relations RSPCA Queensland

E mbeatty@rspcaqld.org.au    W rspcaqld.org.au Fb facebook.com/RSPCAQueensland  Tw twitter.com/RSPCAQld P 07 3426 9902   M 0415 385 602    F 07 3258 5610 Locked Bag 3000, Archerfield BH QLD 4108 Australia


31 March 2015


Many thanks for all your help and for the grace and ease with which you and Kathryn dealt with everything. Kind regards W x

27 March 2015

 You are a great ICL – I would want you on my team every time !!!! Great work. C

24 March 2015

Hi Julia

I just wanted to take a moment, to say how truly grateful I am for all your time spent helping Damian. I feel you genuinely care what happens to him. Your own understanding of Domestic Violence, would account for a lot of the help received by your other clients. I think they are lucky to have found  such a compassionate solicitor. Thank you for all your work done, all my prayers are with you both for Friday. I love my son as big as the Universe, that’s something we used to say a time long ago. You’ve both helped me sort out a few things also, cheers again!  Yours sincerely, S 

24 March 2015

Dear Tracy

It was also lovely to meet you yesterday and I thank god every day for Google as that is how I found you and Julia. … I have the utmost confidence in Julia and whatever the outcome, I know she will have done her level best.  I trust her implicitly and if I’d met her other than through professional channels, I am sure we would be great friends.  I also know you will also do your best for me…  Thank you and have a good day. C

22 March 2015

Thanks couldn’t happen without you. Ever need anything let me know. Cheers T

21 March 2015

Thanks for all your help Tracy It is hard to believe it’s all over, It feels funny saying goodbye after seeing all of you for about the past 2 years, will miss you all. I will never forget what you have done for J and I Tracy. Thanks again.

20 March 2015

Hi Tracy

Thanks for that. May I say you have an excellent staff from Tracy No.2, Julia and Nicole. Great group. Cheers and talk soon. F

26 February 2015

Hi Tracy-Lynne

Thanks for the generous donation – I am well on the way to my target thanks to you. Much appreciated and thanks again for your great continued support. We don’t know what we would do without BLEATS help!

Regards Mark Townend, Chief Executive Officer, RSPCA Queensland

11 February 2015

…Thank you so very much for all that you and Nicci have done for my wonderful mother, I know you have a lot of clients to deal with but you both always had the time to speak with V on daily bases and always willing to listen and go above and beyond your duties and we are very thankful. I’m sure you will be speaking to mum soon. 

Yours sincerely V and S

Hi Tracy,

… Having you by my side would be great, you did such a great job last time you wrote to XX.

With Regards, C

9 February 2015

 Hi Tracy-Lynne

Sorry to hear that we won’t be seeing yourself and Michael at the Montville event this year. It won’t be the same without you. Next year we shall make sure you get plenty of notice with the date! Thanks again for your continued support and assistance as always. Regards Mark

10 December 2014

Thanks soooo much Tracy you have been absolutely wonderful with everything! And I’m pretty sure I won’t marry again but if I do you will definitely have an invite. N

2 December 2014

Hi Tracy

Thank you so much for today. I know that you say I am the good one but without you I couldn’t have come so far as I have. I hope you have a good week and I will speak to you soon. Once again thank you. N

Hi Tracy

Once again thank you so much for your help today. My entire family is so pleased with the outcome.  Kind regards NM

21 November 2014

Good morning,

Well I had to pinch myself, to make sure it was real.

I just wanted to express my thanks to you all, Tracy, Kathryn and Rebecca. You have all really helped me make this messy and unpleasant experience into a smooth and swift process, with all your expertise, professionalism and dedication. WOW closure, I can finally move forward – onward & upward after two years.

Thank you sooooooo much. J 🙂

17 November 2014

 From ASK

We very much appreciate the amazing work Tracey has done. She has been competent compassionate and professional in every possible way and you must be so proud of her.

5 November 2014

Morning Tracy-Lynne and all the wonderful women at Couper Geysen!

Well it’s a year today that I went into a DV refuge.. At 48kg, scared, homeless and unsure of O and I’s future. One year down the track I’m a healthy 62kg, facing my fears, have a beautiful home (on our own) full of joy and peace ( and our furry friends) and have direction for O and I’s life..

It has been a crazy, scary journey but the people who have fought for O and I’s freedom and Saftey are reading this right now… Thank you for helping us and looking after O and I so well. You have given me the strength and courage to move forward in my life’s journey…

I tell myself… In the dawn of a new day lies the courage to begin a new journey. I am stronger than yesterday!  Thank you!!! Have a wonderful day . Take care, C

4 November 2014

From N of Australian Society for Kangaroos –

Thank you Tracey so much. You have worked so very hard on this and put your heart and soul into it. I can see that and couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to do this. You shine above and beyond any other legal people we have worked with. We thank you so much. You really were the central piece who brought this this whole thing together….

  29 October 2014

I just want to say thank you so much Tracy, you have really helped me more than you will ever know, I’m so grateful for everything, the girls were absolutely amazing today, You guys are my heroes. Love E

Hi Tracey I just want to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart for today, you have been so amazing and supportive, I really want you to know I look up to women like you and I’m proud to say I had the pleasure of meeting you, even under these circumstances, Thank you again Love E xx

28 October 2014

Thanks Trace. I couldn’t ask for better solicitors. S

2 October 2014

I would generally like to thank Tracey for her work in this matter. She was able to negotiate with ST for the withdrawal of the removal notice in relation to my sole remaining dog, H. I may not have been able to achieve this by myself. Given the lack of procedural regulation and, in my view, professionalism on the part of Council, the working relationship that Tracey appears to have established with Council is valuable in this sort of work. Also, not that I met her, but I found Tracey to be personable in my dealings with her and sympathetic to our situation.

15 September 2014

 Hi Tracy-Lynne, 

I’d just like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU again! You were incredible today, you handle yourself with such grace, dignity and strength. L and I are a very blessed to have you representing us! You’re the BEST Thanks, Take Care, C

27 August 2014

You and your beautiful team have been so incredibly amazing to O and I. We are truly grateful and blessed to have you all representing us. Kathryn is such an asset to your team, thank you for allowing her to play such a great roll in our case. She’s brilliant!  Take Care, CK.

24 June 2014

Many thanks for all your efforts; I shall certainly recommend your services to anyone else who requires similar assistance.  Kind Regards C

26 May 2014

 Hi Tracy,

 I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help and meeting with me on Friday given your busy schedule. You’ve certainly made my first legal experience a lot less daunting than I ever expected so that is greatly appreciated. Cheers M…

14 May 2014

Hi Julia

Thanks for reviewing this matter and for your comments.  I am impressed with your professionalism and knowledge in addressing the probable outcomes of this matter. Regards M…

12 May 2014

Dear Tracy-Lynne

Thank you so much for taking care of me! What a journey. I couldn’t have done it without you. Again thank you and lots of hugs to you. M

19 March 2014


Thank you so much…..  Tracy said you are lovely & brilliant….. all that encompasses and more!  J, T and M  Xxo

25 February 2014

Thanks for all you’ve done, you’ve got a wonderful team!  C

20 February 2014

Happy with Kathryn but you know all your staff are great people, that’s including you, thanks.  J

14 February 2014

Animal Law

Dear Tracey

Thank you so very much for everything and yes I do have a photo  of our furry duo Max and Mia which I will send in the post to you Mia is getting used to being with just us now even though when she hears a big dog bark she jumps up with tail wagging thinking it is Max.

… it really has been a pleasure to meet you and your wonderful team and will certainly recommend you to anyone.

Again “Thank You” and we wish you all the very best in the future.

Kind Regards  G and B

20 January 2014

SO thanks again for all your wonderful help, you have such a lovely firm and from your side of business it’s been a pleasure dealing with you.  Hopefully signing off with legal matters and if I ever need any other legal help I will be sure to use Couper Geysen again. Can’t say enough THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…..onwards and upwards from here….J

Animal Law

 Hi Tracey,

……. I really can’t express fully how incredibly grateful I am that I found you and have you and the barrister (Anthony Anderson) fighting for me. I believe with all my heart, I would be a very sad state by now if it was not for you.  I have champions beside me and no matter how evil this woman is, she can’t beat the truth being delivered by fearless souls!  S.. xo

9 December 2013


There are no words to describe how I’m feeling right now, however I just wanted to thank for your support to allow me to have the time I had with the children…  I will drop you a line from time to time to let you know how I’m going and also from K and my parents thank you so much for being there to support me, your support to me meant everything to them…. Thank you.

Take care.  M

2 December 2013

Dear Tracy

All I can say is THANK YOU.  Where would I have been without YOU and your caring and kindness.

Kindest regards.  J

20 August 2013

Thanks Tracy – your kind assistance has been very much appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone requiring assistance in the future.

All the best.  M

July 2013

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for today. I am so happy with the outcome. You are fantastic. LJ xx 

19 June 2013

Thank you so much for all your help.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

SE, TE and family

May 2013

Hi Tracy,

… firstly I would like to again express my immense gratitude to yourself for your representation on my behalf, the empathy and dedication you have not only shown to my case but to myself personally is above and beyond anything I would of ever expected, your decision to enrol the services of DC was sheer brilliance and I really do owe A big time for putting me on to you.  My mother is also very impressed and we are in agreement that you are a credit to the legal system.  We will be recommending you to anyone and everyone we know seeking family legal services. Thank you.  From N

March 2013

… firstly I would like to again express my immense gratitude to yourself for your representation on my behalf, the empathy and dedication you have not only shown to my case but to myself personally is above and beyond anything I would of ever expected, your decision to enroll the services of DC sheer brilliance and I really do owe A big time for putting me on to you. 

My mother is also very impressed and we are in agreement that you are a credit to the legal system. 

We will be recommending you to anyone and everyone we know seeking family legal services.

Thank you.  NK


Just wanted to say thanks for using your skills to make the world a better place for the animals we share it with. 

Sometimes I look at the things people do to animals and feel so hopeless, it is so heartening to know that there are people who have influence in our society and are trying to tackle these issues at a higher level. 

It is the only way we will change things.

Kind regards.  D

November 2009

Dear Tracy,

It was a pleasure dealing with you, in particular the very first day when I had the telephone conversation with you.

M and I know that you were the one we were going to choose because of your professionalism. 

Like mentioned earlier in the email this morning, once again many thanks for your assistance in this matter. 

I am sure we will have no hesitation to contact you in future, should a situation like this arises again.

Kind Regards. T K